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Now or never - Venice


City trips are currently almost an insider tip! Because the large streams of tourists have not yet picked up speed again and many travelers avoid the metropolises, it is in many places more pleasantly empty than it has been for decades. This is especially true for Venice. No day trippers from huge cruise ships bustling around St. Mark's Square. No Chinese bus groups clogging the Rialto Bridge.


You can enjoy the historic lagoon city like a Venetian in traditional luxury hotels or in private, stately palazzos with a view of the Canale Grande.  The water is currently so clean and clear that you almost dare could bathe in it.


My personal “lifetime moment”: Cruising through the canals in a Riva boat at night under the full moon. Even in the high season there are hardly any people out and about at this time. Leaning on the railing, your hair blowing in the mild summer wind, you drive past the crooked palaces and a lonely street musician plays a sad love song...


That is the „ Real Venice”. Do not wait too long.

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