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Goldene Auster

The oyster explains it well...

Frau%20E_edited.png with the beautiful pearl in the shell, it is also when traveling. It's not the packaging, it's the content that counts. What is exciting is not that you travel, but how you travel and, above all, what you experience on site.

We have been traveling all over the world for almost 30 years so that your small and large holiday can be planned  perfect and extraordinary. We are looking for small insider tips, great experiences, special moments, interesting people and events.


It is your most important time of the year and this is important to my team and me.

We look forward to your call.



Stephanie Elingshausen



"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list." 

                                                           (Susan Sontag)


The American writer puts it perfectly in a nutshell! Each of us has a kind of wish list with things we want to do and places we want to visit. And over the past few months, that list hasn't gotten any shorter...


The longing for the colorful, wide world is growing - look forward to finally refilling your supply of special experiences . 


We have compiled a very personal one exclusively for you "Best-of-list"...


Let yourself be carried away on a safari for the eyes and a little mental cinema - good for wanderlust and making new travel plans!

For example to Norway, the land of the lucky ones. Or to Iceland, where elves and trolls help build roads. Decelerate in India in the ultimate wellness oasis and marvel in Japan at over 70-year-old conch divers and tennis-playing Buddhas. Things are even more adventurous in South Africa. There, the legendary safari pioneer Colin Bell explains how to steal the fillet from the lion for a barbecue. 

You've already noticed: Wonderful moments are waiting for you in this world - it's our job to find them. And one thing is for sure: an adventure can also feel very serene, on a picture-perfect beach overlooking endless blue.

With our trips we put the world at your feet, with “Travel Treasures” we bring it to your home.


What would a country be without its creative people? During our on-site research, we not only discover extraordinary hideaways and special locations, we also keep meeting exciting artists who have amazing talents.


At Travel Treasures we present selected objects and very special experiences from all over the world.  And they all have one thing in common: good karma.

Because the next occasion for a really special gift will definitely come: a birthday, a celebration, an anniversary, an important invitation... Maybe an individually made piece of jewelry or a handmade piece of furniture from your favorite travel destination would fit?


We have collected exceptional things for you.

Take a look at what the world has to offer.


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