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Namibia - Safari for the eyes

Travel is eye-opening...


...for the beauty and exoticism of distant countries, but it also sharpens one's gaze for the misery and need in underdeveloped regions of the world. We would like to give something back for the unique experiences and the warm hospitality with which we are received: leave traces that are lasting, a thank you and a bridge for the future.

Tourism is closely linked to issues relating to the protection of nature and its inhabitants, both people and animals. That is why we actively support the following projects:



A wonderful project in India is "Aashita - hope for children". 14 orphan girls have found a new home in the city of Jaipur. Here they not only get security and the feeling of family security, but also the best possible training. In this way they can later take their lives into their own hands independently and self-determinedly and continue this project.  Perhaps the world will then be a little fairer.

Known for its elephant conservation work, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya runs the world's most successful rescue and rehabilitation program for orphan elephants. But the animal rights activists do a lot more. In addition to the 263 baby elephants that have already been raised here, they run 18 "anti-poaching units" and are regularly out in the bush with their medical veterinary

Jochen Zeitz says he is not only interested in ecology for humanitarian reasons, but also for economic reasons. The man who, as chief manager, made Puma fit for the future is a person with vision and a heart for Africa. In 2008 he founded the ZEITZ Foundation. In a 50,000-hectare Laikipia wildlife sanctuary in Kenya, there are numerous award-winning educational projects that combine nature conservation, community, culture and economic interests.

C&M on the subject of carbon offsetting. Every flight leaves a footprint. Since 2021, we as a company have also taken this into account and planted deciduous trees as a contribution to climate protection. In Wales, in the south-west of Great Britain, a small, green C&M forest is emerging.

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