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The heart of the company… 


...this is our team. As a travel designer, you need passion and a good deal of wanderlust. For advice on an equal footing, empathy and empathy are also needed. Added to this is local knowledge, which is why we travel the world around 150 days a year. A dream job! 

So it's probably no wonder that some colleagues have already celebrated their 20th company anniversary - even if the stork caused a stir here and there from time to time. Then the focus changes and the Africa expert also becomes a specialist for family holidays in Europe. Over the years, the team has experienced a lot on their travels and of course there are one or the other weird anecdote to tell.

For example from Japan, the country where you always smile and keep your composure, this was put to the test. The fish at the best sushi master in town was so fresh that it was still wriggling on the rice. The colleague was tough, but after a week of traveling three kilos lighter.

And "Pigcasso", the painting pig in South Africa, always provides entertaining minutes in the team. This bristly artist on four short legs is regularly visited by our customers. The problem is, sometimes the wutz is just really tired and our customer drives on without a work of art.


Nobody is perfect - but we are working on it.

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