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Holy Deer

The Secret Love Nest of Pope Innocent X - Rome


Eating like God in France – we know that. But sleep like the Pope in Rome? This has also been possible for two years! Namely at the Holy Deer, the most wonderful and exclusive accommodation in the city of the seven hills.


The 350 square meter apartment was once the secret love nest of Pope Innocent X. A historic place that has long lain asleep and has now been extensively renovated. 


In 1644 Giovanni Battista Pamphilj (who was apparently not as innocent as his later name as pontiff would suggest) was elected pope. The power-conscious bon vivant had his lover Olimpia set up a magnificent home outside the Vatican. He resided in a palace with access to the church of Sant'Agnese on the Belle Floor in the famous Piazza Navona. The view from the window of the Four Rivers Fountain, the baroque buildings and many bars is absolutely impressive. But what is really stunning is the view from the bed of the eight meter high, magnificently painted ceiling! Ah, if only these walls could talk...!

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