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Solitude and Northern Lights - Finland


Did you know that in Lapland there are more than 50 words for the color white and around 120 words for snow? No wonder, in this winter wonderland in the Arctic Circle! My favorite words are "Vity" which is the fluffy snow that has just fallen, "Ajolumi" which is the snow that is blown away by the wind and of course "Tykky". It's the snow that collects on the trees and makes the tall conifers look like frozen winter trolls! Simply magical!

There are few places where you can experience winter splendor as pure as in northern Finland. And when the unbelievable northern lights show is added from mid-September, the exhilaration almost turns into a frenzy!

The perfect - admittedly not exactly cheap - accommodation in Lapland is the five-star lodge "Octola". The Sami-style log home nestled amid 300 acres of private wilderness is accessible by car or helicopter. But it's even nicer, bundled up, with a snowmobile or a dog sled. The ride goes across dazzling white snow plains, past jet black rivers and wild reindeer searching for lichen and moss under the trees. When you stop for a cup of hot berry juice, they lift their heads with furry antlers and gaze good-naturedly at the visitor with soft black eyes.

Where's the heartbeat moment? Quite simply - untouched nature, endless expanse. And: They have a wake-up butler. When the northern lights appear at night, he rings them up and the sky show can begin.

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