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Inside the Manta Ray Cathedral – Indonesia

A particularly impressive "moment of a lifetime" awaits in the Komodo National Park in Indonesia. You have to imagine this natural world heritage site as a large, blue bathtub, twice the size of Berlin, with hundreds of small, mostly uninhabited islets. In between, crystal clear water in all shades from turquoise to dark blue.


This is where the manta rays live. With their wing-like fins, which have a wingspan of up to seven meters, and a weight that easily approaches two tons, they are quite extraordinary sea giants. It is a surreal experience to watch them glide through the water with their powerful wing beats, while the sun sends its subdued light downwards. A royal, but also sacred sight! As if the ocean were a gigantic cathedral!


On land, another superlative animal awaits, the Komodo dragon, which is only found on a few islands in Indonesia. It is the largest lizard in the world, adult specimens are up to three meters long and weigh 80 kilos. I walk very carefully behind our guide towards a group of these special monitor lizards. At the safety briefing he explained that a bite from these animals would definitely be fatal. With their forked tongues, they smell their prey – preferably deer and wild boar – from a distance of ten kilometers. The background noise while they eat a deer and the bones crackle breaks my heart.


The best way to visit Komodo National Park is by boat with your own crew. You chug back and forth between the islands, look for the most beautiful secluded beaches to land on and feel like Robinson Crusoe. In between you dive and explore the colorful and still wonderfully intact underwater world with a snorkel or with a diving bottle. Our yachts have promised full diving equipment on board and an experienced divemaster who will show you the most beautiful spots under water!

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