Six Senses Hideaway Zighy Bay

It is the nature of hideaways that they are often hard to find. Some, however, are not actually hidden, but rather they have adapted to their surroundings like a chameleon. The Six Senses Hideaway Zighy Bay on the Musandam Peninsula in Oman also nestles into its 1.6 km wide bay as if it were a part of it – a villa landscape of natural-colored stone and dark wood in the style of the Arabian summer houses with the dramatic scenery of the Hagar Mountains in the background.



The guests have the pleasant burden of choice already upon arrival. What in the world can be new when compared to a helicopter flight, the gentile delivery with the Rollie Phantom, or the sea tractor that can plow over the ocean floor at low tide? Well, the Zighy Bay guests can immediately choose among three “breathtaking” arrivals. Once they have left the main route, 120 kilometers from the airport in Dubai, behind them, they either sweep over the mountains in a Range Rover enjoying spectacular views of the Straits of Hormus, or they choose a power trip in a speedboat. Anyone who hasn’t yet had enough adrenalin kick should try checking in with a tandem jump from the height of 2100 meters with a paraglider. An Oriental fairy tale à la Six Senses awaits you. 82 villas, all with a butler, your own pool, and a great sense of privacy, are distributed like a traditional Oman village around the secluded bay. The only neighbors live in a tiny fishing village.

Can this exceptional resort be described in a word? Yes, it is simply “sexy,” or perhaps “erotic.” It seems as though with every arrival a bottle is opened, releasing a genie who anticipates your every wish. In no time at all, you feel absolutely at home in your skin with the prevailing thought being, “This and no other is the way it should be.”

Zighy Bay is totally a well-being oasis where harmony and tranquility rule – whether in the smallest villa with 247 square meters or in the substantially larger Private Retreat (3000 m²). Large baths, an outside shower, the private pool, a wine cooler with selections from all over the world, a mini-bar with delicious juices, an espresso maker of the newest technical standard – what else could your heart desire? A sign with closed eyes is the signal for the butler to withdraw. Open the eyes and he is already unobtrusively at your service.

Was there anything else? Oh yes, dining. Again the choice is difficult: “Dining on the Sand”? Crossover-cooking between the Orient and Asia is prepared by the chef right on the beach. High in the mountains with an awe-inspiring view over the ocean, gourmets are pampered in “Dining on the Edge.” Nearby, the marina at the end of the bay, “Bites,” offers freshly caught fruits de mer. By the way, the house has the most charming sommeliere that Alsace ever produced. However, we can’t guarantee that you will find her there; some wine-lover will probably spirit her away and marry her.

A glance over the ocean will occasionally include a whale shark, turtles, or humpback dolphins. At the hotel’s marina, a dhow is waiting to carry you away on a tour of the fjords of this “Middle East Norway.”

The spa? There’s no other like it. Massages and Turkish baths in Six Senses quality bring body and soul into harmony.

Whoever makes the choice for Zighy Bay, will experience the perfect little seaside vacation. Only six flight hours from Germany and you wake up on the beautiful end of the world. With your eyes on the ocean, shining turquoise in the sun. What do you want to do today: active sport or total relaxation? Let’s see….


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