Six Senses Hideaway Ninh Van Bay


1. 250 days of sunshine per year
2. a constant temperature between 26° and 28° C
3. a secluded bay with a beach and colossal boulders
4. an innovative concept

The recipe is complete for your perfect beach vacation in Vietnam.



The Ninh Van Bay lies 30 minutes by boat from Nha Trang – in majestic rapture and at the same time dramatic staging. The 58 pool villas are partially integrated into the stunning rock formations. The resort is completely nestled into the natural surroundings becoming a part of them. Some of the buildings can only be suspected and are practically invisible. Directly on the beach is a row of villas under palms, to each side are the Rock and Water Villas with pools bedded in the natural stone. Above, scattered Hilltop Villas snuggle up to the hills offering spectacular views over the South China Sea. Finally, the Presidential Villa is the crowning glory – with its own boat dock: so exquisite, that it immediately landed on the “Pure decadence” list.

The concept is refreshingly different and has only one goal: your comfort. Shoes are generally unnecessary; at the most, you need them on the tennis court and in the gym. Otherwise, the Hideaway is a barefoot zone. Dress code? – is completely foreign. Many of the regular guests arrive only with hand luggage: in polos, shorts, and swimming togs. The choice of restaurants is also unconventional. Whatever you fancy: you can choose among dinner at the pool, on the cliffs or the beach, in a secluded bay, on the boat dock, or in the wine cellar. Perhaps even a barbecue at your own villa or would you rather enjoy the restaurants on the beach or the cliffs?

In the spa, the choice is difficult as well: among Vietnamese, Swedish, Thai, and Hawaiian massage, yoga, meditation, and, and, and…. You want action? At your pleasure: scuba diving, motorbike tours, island hopping, sightseeing, hobie cat, kayak, catamaran, canoe, waterskiing, windsurfing….

Two things of which travelers that are flirting with the idea of Ninh Van Bay should be aware: the rainy season lasts from October through the end of the year, you can’t see much over or under the water, which is why the scuba school is closed. Also, some of the footpaths to the villas that are not on the beach or surrounding the spa are rather long and have many stairs. The climb to the top of the Hilltops can mean 100 steps. The athletic achievement will be rewarded with breathtaking views and the greatest privacy.

Whether you choose a spot close to the waves or the “stairway to heaven,” in both places, a piece of heaven will be waiting for you.



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