The untouched Heart of Africa

Karibu – welcome! The heart of Africa beats at secluded Lake Tanganyika in the far- western part of Tanzania where the spirit of the continent is close enough to touch. This is a place of inspiration that, astonishingly, has not yet been kissed by tourism.



The longest lake in the world (677 kilometers) contains eight percent of the earth’s fresh water – pure and sweet and as soft as balm. It feels like bathing in liquid silk: a beautifully patterned fabric with schools of colorful, exotic fish to excite divers.

On Lupita, a small island on the south side of the lake, the perfect hideaway has been realized. Reflected in 14 munificently proportioned villas are the watercolor hues found in the limitless surface of the water or the overwhelming sunrises and sunsets. Open, airy, and as wide as the heavens but still extremely private – a place to take a deep breath. Small watercourses wind their way among the guestrooms and tumble into the plunge pools. In the bathrooms are gigantic showers, bizarre granite blocks as washbasins, bathtubs with a view of endless blue, African antiques, and Arabian details – a breathtaking mix!

Right from the beginning, the local villages were incorporated into the Lupita Island project. Logically, the lodge is not a foreign element; rather it is integrated into the region. The staff are locals and have been perfectly trained. The devoted service and intimate atmosphere will turn your down-time into a vacation of relaxation and well-being. Whether as an auspicious beginning or as a sensual finale of your African adventure, Lupita is unusually romantic, almost mystical, when far-away thunderstorms over the Congo send bizarre bolts of lightning streaking to the ground. It is out-of-this-world. You will float above the every-day, wrapped in the exotic ambience of this remote paradise, close to the soul of Africa.



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