Casa dell’Arte

Do you remember the time when the pants press in your hotel room was the latest rage? Shortly after the “invention” of the mini-bar?



Today it’s the spread of flat screens and bath butlers. Then you will be especially pleased when a completely new concept arises – innovative, individual, and inimitable. Casa dell’Arte – a house of art. Real art! Which hotel owner has the budget (or the courage) to hang a painting worth $250,000 over a guest’s bed? Or to exhibit an original Fernando Botero next to the couch in the living room? The Columbian’s work The Bedroom is quite an invitation to the lounge, a scene as hot as chili with a voluptuous lady à la Botero, garters, and red shoes. In general, Turkey is better known for mass instead of class. But Bodrum is a holiday resort for the rich and beautiful people of Istanbul, a city of cosmopolites, artists, visionaries, and intellectuals. Their villas surround the Old Town with its amusements on Bodrum’s yacht harbor. The southern Aegean Sea has a special charm – crystal clear water and bays that are actually still deserted.

One of the successful entrepreneur families from the city on the Bosporus built their beach house here in Torba, a fishing village ten minutes from Bodrum. The ambitious collectors had the vision of sharing their passion for contemporary art with others. “We had a dream, in which art is awakened to life, in which time fades away between the colors of a picture and the curves of a sculpture. A dream in which everything beautiful can be enjoyed together.” Thus, the project Casa dell’ Arte emerged. The private summer palace was converted to a boutique hotel with a unique focus – original art.

If you are now imagining a museum, think again. Quite the opposite: art is up close, becomes comprehendible. More than 200 originals, primarily by Turkish painters such as Hamit Görele, who gained great recognition world-wide, first as an impressionist, then as a constructivist, or Fikret Mualla, whose pictures are known for their lively lyricism and warmth: artists whose works really can only be viewed in the fantastic “Istanbul Modern.”

The Casa has twelve suites, two of which have large terraces and a view of the sea. Creamy white is the continuous color scheme, elegant and the perfect foil for the brightly colored and occasionally huge paintings. The garden is a sculpture park full of fantasy and eroticism. In front is a small private beach with a sun deck built right over the sea. As a special feature, the yacht belonging to the hotel is available for the guests. It can be rented for private trips to the secluded bays of the Aegean and has three cabins in which you can spend the night if you so desire.

Creativity is also found in the kitchen; here we suspect a “young wild one” of aiming for stars. Pure pleasure for the palate and a visual delight on the plate. Art wherever you look. Is it at all worth mentioning, that shortly after its opening, the Casa dell’ Arte was already voted the best boutique hotel in Europe?

In the evening, when you make yourself comfortable in the hotel’s living room on the mega-sofa, letting your eyes wander across the sea, the temptation is great to clink glasses with Botero’s voluptuous lady. Here, the expression “the savoring of art” takes on a whole new meaning.




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