Bateleur Camp Kichwa Tembo

You usually hear her laugh before you see her. Her name is appropriate: Milka, the camp manager of the lodge, is even sweeter than the chocolate of the same name! A restless, charming Kenyan lady who directs the camp with her heart and soul.



Her laughter is catching and her commitment – also for the neighboring Masai – deserves the greatest respect. We couldn’t resist Milka. The result of her power of persuasion: a cow named “Paula” that was purchased at the local stock-market for a Masai widow. An experience that no one has forgotten or would want to have missed – and one that you can experience as well!

The small, select lodge belonging to the renowned &Beyond Group has the ideal spot directly on the western border of the Masai Mara in the private game reserve. The Masai Mara is famous for its plentiful game. During the migration from July through October, millions of gnus and zebras wander past. Past? The Camp lies right in the middle of the path taken by the hooves, paws, and feet. Right and left, front and back, they all pass by on the wide savannah.

And in other respects as well, Mother Nature has prepared monumental pictures. In the mornings, the “big five,” in the afternoon, the “little big five,” and a pack of hyenas arrive along with the “Sundowner” – and it happens every day with fascinating dependability. The Bateleur Camp consists of two neighboring camps, each with nine free-standing suites with tented roofs. From your private terrace, your glance sweeps across the prairie of the Masai Mara. You relax in a comfortable stuffed chair while your eyes go on a thrilling hunt.

In addition to the customary trips, the lodge can offer safaris on foot and at night since it is located on private land. The crowning experience, guarantied unforgettable, is a tour with the hot-air balloon into the sunrise – slowly and very, very quietly – floating over the elephant herds without a sound… and watching from above as the Masai Mara wakes up.

Can you imagine a better private theater loge?


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